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Google and Bloovi Me have joined forces!
They will train & screen highly motivated, graduating marketing students and match them with your company.


About Our Master Students

Do you need support in SEA, SEO, Social Media, Email marketing or Analytics ?
Are you having difficulties hiring young potentials?
Google and Bloovi Me will educate, screen & match highly motivated, graduating marketing students and match them with your company.
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Only students with hands on skills
We make sure each of the selected digital master students have at least 3 Google certificates and have succesfully participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). The candidates combine hands on skills with theoretical background. As a result, they can dive into your project immediately and maximize the return !
We take care of the search
Save time. No need to post your vacancy to job sites and start interviewing candidates. We'll do it for you and provide you with marketeers that match your project and company culture.
Pay only for what you need
Do you need a part time marketeer? Or do you want to work project based? It's all possible. You benefit from a highly flexible solution at a competitive pricing.
Hire the young potential full time
Impressed by the results and interested to hire as a permanent employee after a certain period? You can hire them for free after they have worked a min of 320 hours via the DMA program
Only the most motivated young marketing professionals
The young marketeers who successfully completed the DMA program are the most enthusiastic and motivated professionals of their class. They are looking for companies that will benefit from their hands-on skills and give them a chance to put their knowledge into practice.

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The Digital Masters have the right skillset and hands-on experience to fulfil the following marketing tasks
Keyword analysis, SEO strategy, SEO reporting.
The setup and management of AdWords campaigns
Web Analytics
The creation of dashboards & the measurement of KPI's
Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating a digital marketing plan
E-mail Marketing
Creating and sending e-mails, segmentation and drip campaigns
Social Media
Creating a social media plan, community management and advertising
Young potentials joined the Digital Masters Academy in 2016
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The Digital Masters Academy team
Stephane Collignon
+32 486 96 10 75
"As an entrepreneur, I have the ambition to reinvent myself every time. For Bloovi Me, this means realising its potential to the fullest and providing an excellent service to our clients and candidates. Next to the day to day activities, I also focus on our Digital Masters Academy. Making sure young potentials get the right opportunities in their career."
Anne-Laura Van Den Berghe
+32 468 28 63 89
"I am a true digital native and digital marketing is my passion! I just love it when I can match a great candidate to an awesome project and watching how a young potential becomes a true expert. What's new in digital today, might be old news tomorrow and that's what makes our job interesting."
Camille Meert
+32 477 27 40 86
"I've been an entrepreneur for almost 5 years now. To help people and companies lies in my nature. As a Recruitment Expert and entrepreneur I try to get to the bottom of every challenge, in order to find the right approach and solution. My goal is to optimize the human capital in every company."
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